Black Angel of the Mississippi / Bienvenido, padre Murray (Ramón Torrado, 1964),_padre_Murray

Here’s a film with promising beginning. In the first scene a black man is about to be lynched by angry mob. Then there’s the most insane title sequence which is a montage of shooting, bloodshed, mud and falling horses. It’s like the hellish mayhem in Lucio Fulci’s Four of the Apocalypse. Unfortunately this title sequence has nothing to do with the film (I wonder if these scenes are taken from another film) which is about black priest who arrives in town of hostile villagers. And nothing interesting really happens, there’s more singing than shooting and lots of talking. Seeing it in spanish didn’t made it easy to follow. There’s Fernando Sancho and Howard Vernon (in his only western role I guess, not counting his Zorro films) but they’re wasted in their roles as the film is a bore. 2/10

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Never heard of this one. Database says it’s from 1964, so most probably a pre-spaghetti/paella western. More singing than shooting … huh …

I found this clip (with Hungarian audio) on You Tube. Only 19 minutes, but including this weird title sequence with inserted scenes of all kinds of mayhem