Big Audio Dynamite/The Clash + other songs with SW sound bites

Any Clash or Big Audio Dynamite fans out there? On BAD’s first album there is a song called Medicine Show with lots of Leone sound clips in the the song.
I hadn;t heard the song in a long time but recently caught it on XM satellite…great tune.
The Clash were big fans of SW’s.
BAD was Mick Jones group after the sad split up of the Clash.
Also check out the cover of the Clash’s second album…Givem Enough Rope…pure SW!

Van James

Does anybody know of any other songs or Bands with SW sound clips or inspiration?

Great bands, I’ve been listening to these very albums in the car on my way to work, still sounds good today!

for a few months there was a cd released that you got for free when you bought a music magazin, ithink it was the english magazin mojo. the cd contains remixes of morricone songs. not all of them are from spaghetties, but its a cool cd with very nice modern remixes. I think you can buy the cd for a small price on ebay

the cd is called MORRICONE RMX
this is the playlist

  1. The Man With The Harmonica - Apollo Four Forty
  2. For A Few Dollars More - Terranova
  3. Here’s To You - Copasetic Con Vivi E Selda
  4. Belinda May - Fantastic Plastic Machine
  5. Clan Of The Sicilians - Bigga Bush
  6. Chi Mai - Nightmares On Wax
  7. Il Grande Silencio - Thievery Corporation
  8. Un Bacio - Ali N. Askin
  9. Doricamente - Tommy Hools
  10. Giocoso, Gioioso - Groove Corporation
  11. La Bambola/Come Maddalena - Sofa Surfers
  12. La Lucertola - De-Phazz
  13. Clan Of The Sicilians - DJ Dick

there´s also a great reggae compilation, at the time of the spaghetties in the mid 60, on jamaica the spaghetties were also very popular. you have an artist called THE REAL CLINT EASTWOOD, TRINITY and probably mutch more. but trojan has released a very nice cheap cd called FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE (WESTERN INSPIRED REGGA)- VARIOUS ARTIST.
I think you will like this cd since you also like the clash and they are also very inspired by reggae. they even made a complete reggae album 8)

Track Listings

  1. Revenge of Eastwood - Prophets
  2. Clint Eastwood - Lee “Scratch” Perry
  3. Guns of Navarone
  4. Bad
  5. Del Gago - Jay Boys
  6. Sipreano - Lee “Scratch” Perry
  7. Golden Chickens
  8. Salt and Pepper - Lee “Scratch” Perry & the Upsetters
  9. Undertaker
  10. Overtaker
  11. Undertakers Burial
  12. Killer Passing Through - The Swans
  13. Taste of Killing - Lee “Scratch” Perry
  14. Kill Them All - Lee “Scratch” Perry
  15. For a Few Dollars More - The Upsetters
  16. Shoot Them Amigo - Brother Dan All-Stars
  17. Death Rides - The Hippy Boys
  18. Geronimo - The Pyramids, Pyramids
  19. Navajo Trail - Tony Gordon
  20. Mule Train - Count Prince Miller
  21. Man from Carolina
  22. Bad [Version]
  23. France Nero - Count Machuki
  24. Franco Nero [Version 2] - Destroyers
  25. Trinity - Joe White
  26. Vengeance - The Hippy Boys
  27. Nevada Joe
  28. Return of the Ugly - The Upsetters

Thanks for the great info, I for one will try and track these down.

well … I have them :wink:
interested in trading?

[quote=“tom, post:6, topic:338”]well … I have them :wink:
interested in trading?[/quote]You bet! I’ll email you.

he fire fox,

you forgot to attche the file on the email that you sended me :smiley:

I’m a huge fan of The Clash.

and also a big emilio estevez fan I see :smiley:

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Fatboy slim, Norman cook or whatever you wanna call him did a track with BEAT’S INTERNATIONAL called “Dub ,be good to me” or is it just be good to me? and it sampled “Harmonica” from Once upon a time in the west.

The rapper Jay-Z has also sampled “Ecstacy of the gold” on his Blueprint 2 album. i think the track’s called “h.o.v.a.” not sure.

and i can’t remember the song but some dance thing in the late 80’s / early 90’s used “El Indio’s” pocket watch music but i can’t remember what the damn thing was called.

There’s a song on Metallica’s Black album with an SW style intro. They obviously like SW’s as I remember going to see them live back in the early 90’s and as an intro they had the Ecstacy of Gold scene played on a big screen and the music playing loud enough to make you deaf! Cool.