Best written SW characters

There’s a topic about best written SWs (as in plot), but what about the best written SW characters when it comes to character development, background story, personality, etc.

My vote goes to Johnny (Peter Lee Lawrence) from Garringo. Garringo is an excellent film and Johnny has to be my favorite SW antagonist. Johnny is a young vengeful outlaw who gets his revenge on soldiers by killing and robbing them because Johnny’s father was killed by army men. For Johnny, it feels like the right thing to do, but other more sensible people know it’s not right (including Johnny’s adoptive father who is a sheriff)
Despite being a merciless killer, Johnny also has a good side: He does his best to protect his family from the truth and falls in love with a local girl..
As the film progresses, we get to see how Johnny starts to panic when he realizes that Garringo is about to get him and that his adoptive father can’t save him this time. And finally, Johnny is killed by his own gang members – men he saw as his friends.


I have two characters in the same movie. Craig Hill’s Lanky Fellows and George Martin’s Gus Kennebeck in Taste of Killing. The difference between the good guy and the bad guy are negligible at best as Fellows is more than happy for people to be murdered if it means he makes more money while Kennebeck on the other hand is a devoted and loving father. Though we are firmly in Fellows’ corner throughout, he is far from being “heroic”. I’ve always found both characters to be extremely fascinating.