Best western movie review contest

(scherpschutter) #1

And the winner is …

(Bluntwolf) #2

Congratulations Scherp. !!! I knew you were gonna make it !!! :slight_smile:

(Paco Roman) #3

Congrats Scherp! :slight_smile:

(Phil H) #4

Well done mate. No surprise to any of us that you were the winner :slight_smile:

(Stanton) #5

My congratulations too. Fully deserved

(Tigrero) #6

Jolly good show old boy. Well done.

(satty) #7

Congrats Simon !! :slight_smile:
Guys, there is no doubt that Simon’s reviews were obvious winners, but I am happily surprised to see many other first-timers wrote really interesting reviews. The success of this contest was totally unpredicted for me. I never thought so many people would write on western movies in today’s world. But happily, I was wrong. We, the western lovers still are alive and I have seen it myself now. You will be surprised to know that I received total 155 reviews…wow that was just over whelming. Now I plan to have more contests for all of us. As soon as I earn a few more bucks, I would organize a new contest. So keep watching fellas…!! :wink:

And congrats Simon…! You rock! 8)

(AceHigh) #8

Way to go, Scherpschutter!

(alk0) #9

You deserved it, your reviews are top notch

(Yodlaf Peterson) #10

Well done mate

(satty) #11

And check this…

(Bad Lieutenant) #12

Nice! Congrats, scherpschutter.

(LankyFellow) #13

Great,Scherpschutter !
Hope to read a lot of your reviews in the future :slight_smile:


scherpschutter’s reviews are TOP-NOTCH, well done amigo