Best way to see locations without a car

I imagine it’s near impossible, but a couple of years ago I did get to Mini Hollywood via an excursion from Roquetas de Mar. Is there any other way to see the other parks? And how easy is it to get excursions from Aguadulce, Mojacar and San Jose? Quite fancy staying in the latter place at the Cortijo el Sotillo. Just a little worried I might be somewhat stranded. Can only make a week’s brake this year so it will be a chill out holiday mainly, but would still like to dip my toes in some locations…

In all honesty I would strongly advise you getva rental car… Not sure if San Jose etc are connected by bus (suspect they are), but at any rate, without a car (or horse), you will miss out obln a chance to visit most locations

We have lived very close to many locations for 14 years and the public transport system is still in the dark ages in rural Spain… You really need a car or motorbike … If you want a thorough injection of Western culture/shoot outs/chill time/horse riding/ pool/dressing up consider a cabin at Fort Bravo for a week and if your really good at walking then there are several locations close at hand with research. The cabins are a sensible price for the week with chill out bar after the theme park closes…Fort Bravo is within walking distance of Mini Hollywood as well as Western Leone next to the motorway… All sites played major rolls in 100,s of westerns… The Western Leone site being the famous Charles Bronson/Henry Fonda epic ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST… The main house still there gives you a sense of the chills… So maybe rather than making life difficult with transport problem consider Fort Bravo as a base… Then if your really in the mood which could be done… Get to Tabernas just up the road somehow and bus from there th Almeria and bus again to Los Albaricoques where Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef made their Mark for the Dollars films.

Thanks Pedro. That is most informative and has given me food for thought. I had noticed Fort Bravo has cabins for staying on their site, and was disappointed last time that I couldn’t get there (being a Doctor Who fan too) and to the OUATITW park. This would be very useful, especially if the other two parks are within walking distance as you say. Doing all three with chill out time in between sounds perfect. My wife isn’t THAT bothered about the sea as it was quite chilly when we were in Roquetas! So a pool would be adequate. This year it will be a second week’s break as we’ve done our big holiday this year (Walt Disney World), and I thought Spain was ideal. Not too long a flight for the sake of one week.

And if it doesn’t go down too well with her, for next year probably, I’ve been thinking of a short guy’s break for some time. Four in a car of which two are drivers! If I can acquaint myself with the area first, this would be an advantage.

One more thing: Looking at package holidays I came across the hotel - Cortijo el Sotillo in San Jose. I noticed it looked familiar, and then on Tripadvisor they were saying it was used by Sergio Leone, and I couldn’t help thinking it was the place Lee Van Cleef turns up at first in GBU where he eats and then murders the owner. Am I mistaken?

Anyway folks, thanks for the help so far. I’m slightly surprised there isn’t something more organised for all three parks, and other locations in this area, given it’s fame. I guess it isn’t QUITE as touristy as it might be. Just enough for those with their own transport. But with your help, one way or another I think I’ll be getting there in September.

The Cortijo el Sotillo appears in a few places in Fistful of Dollars but can best be seen in the opening scene here:

And looks like this now.

It’s not actually very far from San Jose but is definitely a cab ride rather than a walk.