Best version of "Kill Them and Come Back Alone"?

I just saw theres a German DVD (Töte alle und kehr allein zurück) for this movie and was just wondering how the picture compares to the Wild East DVD…Anyone seen both? Thanks

I have the German DVD, the WE one and the one from Spain which came first. I think WE and Germans used the Spanish print although I am not sure… been too lazy comparing. But I’m quite sure. :wink:

WE has English audio, Spanish disc Spanish and Italian (without subtitles) and the German disc has German and Italian with English subtitles. Unfortunately the English subtitles on the German disc are probably the worst subtitles I have ever seen. If you had to just read the subtitles and not see what is happening on the screen you probably wouldn’t understand what the hell is going on… and add to that the fact that a lot of times the subtitles appear so fast you have no chance of reading what they say.

The Spanish and German DVDs should look a bit better than the WE disc though (since the WE disc is PAL to NTSC transfer).

Sounds like the picture on all 3 is pretty much the same…Thanks :slight_smile:

I will probably do a comparison some day (but not today :stuck_out_tongue: ) but if you can’t understand Italian (or Spanish or German) the only option is the WE disc. Because trust me, the subs on the German disc are horrible. When I watched the movie the first time I started with the German disc but had to switch to the WE one quite fast. :stuck_out_tongue:

This one is available trough Triple-X. In the website they state English audio. Anyone have it?
Don’t know the Wild East DVD but the Spanish is pretty bad, they probably did the transfer from a VHS copy. Avoid.

I wound up getting the Wild east DVD and I’m very happy with it. The picture and audio are very good imo. Fun movie :slight_smile: