Best Spaghetti Western showdown?

What’s everyone’s favourite SW showdown? Even after 100+ viewings, mine is still the Trio at the end of GBU. Close second’s would be both Van Cleef’s and Milian’s at the end of The Big Gundown. Van Cleef against Volonte in A Few Dollars More and Bronson versus the 3 assassins at the start of Once Upon A Time In The West have to be up there as well.

The end of the GBU is my favorite. I also like the end of Sabata where he ands Banjo face off. The end of For a Few Dollars More, Day Of Anger face off, The end of Navajo Joe is good too, its not a gun showdown, but Joe takes all the bad guys out.

Once Upon A time in the West has a great showdown. I think it differs from most other because apart from the style it also has a significant impact on the story and is geniously connected to a flashback that reocurrs in the film. i love it

This should be the best non-Leone showdown.

That in my opinion would be the end duel of La Resa Dei Conti (The Big Gundown).
I can watch that one over and over. My favorite standoff would be the Fletcher/Beauregard set to, half way through Sollima’s Faccia a Faccia - art house Spaghetti at its’ best.

My favourite Leone duels are GBU three way stand-off and Mortimer versus Indio -FAFDM - both class. For me, these two duels are the highlights of the genre.

I agree with all showdowns posted in this topic, ARE ALL GREAT, however my favorite is theONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST showdown, Frank vs. Harmonica, i agree with Sebastian. But there is another great showdown in Giancarlo Santi’s GRAND DUEL, Clayton (Lee Van Cleef) vs. the Saxon brothers surrodend by magnificient music by Bruno Nicolai, i loved it… :slight_smile:

Yup, a very stylish showdown. Have you noticed the electricity pylons in the background - behind the Saxon brothers? Funnily enough, it doesn’t spoil the moment.

I’ve to say, i never noticed that until readed your post, but this fact don’t spoil the moment, and acctually i never was a great blooper hunter…

When i said in my prior post about GRAND DUEL “Clayton (Lee Van Cleef) vs. the Saxon brothers surrodend by magnificient music by Bruno Nicolai, i loved it…” i mean music by LUIZ ENRIQUEZ BACALOV.

I apologize for that.

  1. The Good,The Bad and The Ugly-greatest gunfight in spaghetti western history.

  2. Once Upon A Time In The West-the first few minutes of this movie is astounding.

Even though Once upon a time in the west is my favourite spaghetti the best for me has got to be…

Van Cleef

Nuff said!

I liked the “Big Gundown” showdown very much.

All Leone’s showdowns are very great. I very like the FOD standoff too… poor Ramon. ;D

The Mercenary - only seen the duel in the arena, but it ROCKS. Blood on the flower :stuck_out_tongue:

Fistful of Dollars for me. Especially when Clint comes out of all that dust, and keeps getting shot.



The Mercenary



Nothing comes close to these 5 showdowns in terms of direction.

Companeros has maybe the best mass shootout.

I like the ending to Navajo Joe set to Morricone’s music, aswell as most of the others that have been mentioned.

Yes Navajo Joe is really sad with the horse, and with beautiful music by Morricone.

lee van cleef vs horst frank from the grand duel 1972