Best spaghetti western dvd's to buy?

I’m relatively new to buying spaghetti westerns, i’ve been a big italian film fan for years, mostly horrors and crime films but am now venturing into the wild west! I have a few dvd’s so far but wondered what you experts out there could recommend me as essential viweing/buying etc? The following releases i have so far so i don’t need these titles.

Fistful of dollars/For a few/Good,the bad blu ray boxset
Django Kill
Mannaja - A man called blade.
Death rides a horse
Arizona colt/arizona colt returns double bill (wild east)
Sartana, trade your pistol for a coffin/Django vs sartana doiuble bill (wild east)
Gatling Gun
Kill em all and come back alone.

these i have, so what else out there is top notch cowboys?

Here’s the best list of essential spaghetti westerns. You can also check Tarantino’s list.’s_Top_20_favorite_Spaghetti_Westerns

And those films that I like and they’re not in the essential top 20:

Shoot the Living and Pray for The Dead
Death Sentence
Dead Men Ride
The Ugly Ones

After you clear out the top 20, you can proceed to the alternative top 20.

Russell22 are you concerned about DVD Region Codes, PAL/NTSC TV formats and Audio options? If so this could affect your choices considerably. The SWDB has such info on the film DVD pages. There are relatively few Blu-Ray SW releases so far, but some of theses are excellent and definitely worth tracking down.

My obvious recomendation not on your list would be “The Great Silence/Il Grande Silenzio (Sergio Corbucci 1968).” The UK PAL Digital Classics release would be the one to go for if you want English audio, the Italian PAL Medusa release if you want Italian audio. Both have great picture quality 16:9, the Italian disc has a seperate longer happy ending as bonus.


No region codes are not a problem for me, i prefer the movies to have the english audio track i guess. Yes, i’ll pick up The Grand Silence, i know how highly rated it is and i’ve liked most of Corbucci’s other work.