Best performance as an alcoholic

Some of the best perofrmances in spaghettis come from actors portraying drunks. It adds a lot of drama and character devlopement. I find Luke Askew’s performance the most pitiful in a good way. Anthony Ghidra comes in second.

Robert Woods does it better in Black Jack I think

I chose Hilton, but Ghidra really put in a performance of a lifetime in Tequila Joe, so it was a tough choice for me.

I liked Tequila Joe as a movie the best, but looking at individual performances I slightly go with Hilton. Its not easy to outshine Nero, and Hilton accomplished that.

Would probably have been me if I had starred in a Spaghetti :wink: .

stole my thunder Ennioo :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think he’s alcoholic in Black Jack, just a crazy outlaw doing anything for revenge.

Double Whisky beats them all in ‘Arizona Colt’

Carrincha in Sabata is the best LOL

I think Ghidra overacted too much for his drunk role. Hilton does the same but his character is more comedic and he’s very good in it.

El Puro is the best of course.

But hey, there’s also Michael J. Bollards drunk from Four of the Apocalypse? He plays it good too.

El Puro is the way to go.

No one can beat Steffen in “Gentleman Joe”!

Brett Halsey oozes boozy credibility in Alberto Cardone’s Kidnapping/$20,000 Stained in Blood.