Best pair of actors

(Bill san Antonio) #1

I was thinking of some films where the combination of two main actors works perfectly. Here’s some I came up with:

Clint Eastwood/Lee van Cleef in For a Few Dollars More
-This is obvious and probably the most legendary pair in spaghetti westerns.

Henry Fonda/Terence Hill in My Name is Nobody
-Hollywood legend meets new european star. This will end up in history books.

Franco Nero/Tomas Milian in Companeros
-This is one of my favorites. Two great stars of the genre and very different actors together. Still they work perfectly together never overshadowing each other.

Feel free to continue…

(Il Cattivo 49) #2

I would say Eastwood/ Wallach in GBU and Van Cleef/ Milian or Milian/franco Nero in Companeros

(Lode) #3

Kinski/Trintignant in Il grande silenzia. Another good pair is Fonda/Bronson in QUATITW

(The Ginger Man) #4


If I had to pick one.

(Bill san Antonio) #5

One more:

Gianni Garko/Claudio Camaso in 10000$ Blood Money and Vengeance is Mine.

(Lode) #6

I would add Terence Hill/Bud Spencer.

(Bond26) #7
  1. Terence Hill/Bud Spencer - Trinitu movies - etc.

  2. Lex Barker/Pierre Brice - Winnetou Movies

  3. Anthony Steffen/Gianni Garko - Duel at Sundown

  4. Franco Nero/Tomas Milian - Companeros

  5. Clint Eastwood/Eli Wallach - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

(Lanky gunman) #8

I like the two friends Peter Martell (Rafael) and Leonard Mann (Sebastian) in the
very good "Pistolero dell’ave Maria"
Enrico Maria Salerno and Terry Jenkins are pretty good in “Bandidos”.
Also the tragic Andrea Giordana and his cool and smart buddy Gilbert Roland in "Johnny Hamlet"
George Hilton/Franco Nero in “Massacre Time”

(Wolf) #9

Gian Maria Volonte and Lou Castel are a very good pair in “Quien sabe”.

(Sebastian) #10

I agree.

(Mats) #11

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill if you ask me.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #12

for me it’s got to be Milian and Nero in Companeros, especially Nero’s cocky little remarks!