Barcelona Actors: Fernando Rubio

Fernando Rubio

Of the former pro-wrestlers (Miguel Moyán, Johnny “El Corso”) who worked in the Barcelona western, Fernando Rubio was easily the most prominent. Following his experience as a bruiser, he started working in cabaret and then in films. Short, stocky, often bearded he was seen as minor heavies in several Iquino, Balcázar and Juan Bosch numbers. Very insouciant as an actor, and quite often his own dubber on the Spanish soundtrack. Noted role include that of the assistant in Gérard Landry’s medicine show in Juan Xiol’s Río maldito (1966).

La diligencia de los condenados (1970) by Juan Bosch

Abre tu fosa, amigo…llega Sábata (1971) by Juan Bosch

The Fabulous Trinity (1972) by Ignacio F. Iquino

See his entry in the imdb (which conflates him with somebody else of the same name):

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