Barcelona actors: ESTEBAN DALMASES

Esteban Dalmases

Other than his having appeared in photo-novels, very little appears to be known about this easily recognisable player, a middle-aged mustached gent with heavy hair, long sideburns and (except in westerns) glasses. Only a few films appear to credit him, but he actually appeared anonymously in several more, either as a bit player or a speechless extra. In Barcelona westerns he was invariably or almost invariably a deputy or other lawman. In films with a modern setting, he often played cops.

On the left, as a lawman, in Ignacio F. Iquino’s Un colt por cuatro cirios (1971). And in a credited role! Both he and the other actor are dubbed by the same guy (César Ojínaga, who also appears physically in the film).

A deputy in Juan Bosch’s Abre tu fosa, amigo…llega Sábata (1971)

Another lawman in Too Much Gold for One Gringo (1972)

And yet another western lawman in Juan Bosch’s Dallas (1975)

Thanks again for these Nzoog. I love to put a name to these old faces.

Yes thanks Nzoog always a treat to learn about these Spanish character actors. Please keep 'em coming.

Have just come across another appearance of his, in Juan Bosch’s [b]Una bala marcada/b. He’s one of the farmers. Standing behind him is José Castillo Escalona. On the right we can see a bit of Isidro Novellas.