Bang Bang Kid (Lelli & Gentili/1968)

Weird comedy western which is very silly but somehow strangely entertaining. Tom Bosley (Happy Days) plays the inventor who has built a robot sherrif Bang Bang Kid to fight Guy Madisons’ evil king (?) of the small western town. Bang Bang Kid just doesn’t work too well and is constantly breaking down. Story goes like a fairy-tale with metaphors to knights fighting evil king and Madison even has a medieval castle where he lives.

I think this is mainly meant to be a family movie for kids as there isn’t much violence and lots of comedy stuff but it’s entertaining enough for adults too mainly because of woman lead Sandra Milo who’s a real eye candy and the comedy is quite strange and differs from usual comedy westerns. More interesting than most of the slapstick comedies of the early 70’s.

Guy Madison thinks he is a king in this one, and even has a castle. Gunfighters are invited to town to try and defeat his wrath, but most fail. Enter a robot gunslingler who is very fast on the draw. Gentle sort of film which is better than you would think. And Tom Bosley in a Spaghetti…happy days indeed.

A kid’s film and, as such, is harmless fun. Noticeable that all deaths are semi comedic and happen off screen. There’s shooting, then cut to victim laying on ground. Or in the case of the first three unsuccessful sheriff applicants, cut to show horizontal boots only. The castle and medieval metaphor stuff are original at least and, as Bill said, the comedy is gentler and, as a result, easier to take than the awful slapstick of later stuff. Not one I’d recommend to an adult but your kid’s might get something out of it as long as they’re young enough.