Bacalov's bassist

His name was King
He had a horse
Along that countryside I saw him ride
He had a gun, oh I knew him well
and when he shot on a man he never miss
Run out King run, you’ll get your man!

Hello there.
A simple question:
who was the bassist in that track?


Considering that Bad L.'s answer is probably the best you’re going to get at this site I would direct you to the ‘forum’ at

Welcome nonetheless.

Yeah, this could very well be an unanswerable question.
They didn’t always keep good records of the session musicians working on these soundtrack recordings, in those days.
Even documentation for payment purposes were suspect, back then.

If anyone really knows the answer to your question, amigo…they will likely be found at the site which Soren provided the link to, above.
All the best…and welcome to the forum!

Thanks to all