Atmosphere in spaghetti westerns

An important aspect of the italian western is the atmosphere. Many have a very gothic tone and some have comic atmosphere’s or acid like atmosphere. What are some atmosphere you guys like and enjoy. I hope this can be an interesting discussion.

I was going through the posts and saw apocalyptic and thought that is another atmosphere I could add. such fulms as Great silence,califoria, and cemetery without crosses seem to have this feel.

The typical “spaghetti western atmosphere” is of course the one where there is a shanty ghost town, a desolate landscape, and the wind is blowing all the time.

People are unshaven and wearing dirty clothes, and don’t talk much.

The “Sergio Leone/Fistful of Dollars atmosphere” that started the spaghetti western genre in the 60s.

This is the basic atmosphere, that apparently was quite different to the clean and civilised atmosphere, or maybe lack of atmosphere, of the American western movies of those days.

As times went by, different atmospheres, or perhaps more correctly different “styles” emerged within the SW genre.

Some were pretty humorous, others very downbeat, or even gothic.

The musical soundtracks were of course also a major contributing factor to the atmosphere of these films.

I like the downbeat atmosphere ala Django and the revolutionary atmosphere ala Compañeros.

I think a spaghetti western should be anything but comedic! Well, dark and dirty would best sum it up. I should add in that acid/trippy stuff is pretty cool in the mix too :slight_smile:

my best atmosphere in a SW was in moment to kill
how carmineo directed this and change it after i really don’t know
horror style and sw together sooo cool!
always i watch it in the nights after 12 :smiley: