At which location would you sit and watch the sunset?

If you had a choice, at which S.W. location would you like to sit…perhaps with a glass of wine or can of beer…and watch the sun go down across the beautiful Almeria landscape?

It doesn’t have to be Almeria…it could be a location used in a S.W. filmed in the North of Spain.

The reason I ask, is because when I visit Almeria next May, I’m going to stay at Los Albaricoques for a couple of days, and, in the evenings - when the sun’s going down - I’ll sit on the newly-built arena from F.A.F.D.M, with a bottle of Spanish Rioja wine and a portable dvd player next to me to watch the climatic duel between LVC and Indio…
In a very small way, it’ll be my own personal homage to the Director, actors, locations…everyone involved…

The place Craig Hill buys in I Want Him Dead…with a couple of cool ones ;).

The Graveyard at the end of Django - and to contemplate the meaning of it all (not Django … life and cider) ;)… ??? :slight_smile:

[edit - …and Loredana Nusciek :-*]