Asian Films

Anybody else a fan of Asian Films?What’s some of your favorites?

My favorites are Ichi the killer and Audition Ive only seen a few but Im already addicted Hahaha!

im a huge asian cinema buff.

specifically korean drama/comedy

I’m also a fan of asian cinema I kind of drift around that vast sea though picking up a few DVD’s once in a while. I really like Kurosawa’s films, Fukasaku’s Battle Royale films and his Battles Without Honor or Humanity pentology, John Woo’s Hong Kong work, Tsui Hark’s movies (although I haven’t seen alot of them), the Lone Wolf and Cub films, Lady Snowblood, Azumi, the Shaw Brother’s old school Kung fu flicks (two of my favorites are Clan of the White Lotus and the 36th Chamber of Shaolin) etc etc…

Kurosawa has made some very good movies. John Woo’s hong kong action like The killer, A better tomorow and Hardboiled are also great.
Disregarding those two I would prefer eurocrime/action anytime over asian movies.

I got Oldboy already ordered and should be coming soon heard it was a really good revenge movie.

Kurosawa is great my favorite movie by him is a tie between Rashomon and Hidden Fortress I love them both so much.

i think Sammo Hung is great, the way he jumps about for a man his size is incredible :slight_smile:

check out also Dead or Alive trilogy (I’ve seen only the first one, it has THE BEST ending ever in film history) and totally insane Izo by Miike.

i’m not a really a fan of miike but i enjoy ‘city of lost souls’. probably my favorite of his material.

Then again i’ve not really watched a whole lot either. Maybe 10 movies or so.

How’s Fudoh?

Fudoh is a very cool movie. Basically a gangster movie, Miike style.[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:7, topic:486”]check out also Dead or Alive trilogy (I’ve seen only the first one, it has THE BEST ending ever in film history)[/quote]
I don’t agree on the ending, but it definitely has the best beginning in film history.
Other Takashi Miike recommendations:

  • Bodyguard Kiba (cool fight movie, with dry humour. remake of a sonny chiba flick)
  • Visitor Q (most fucked up family in film history)
    Enjoyable ones:
  • Imprint (Miike’s entry for the Masters of Horror series)
  • Deadly Outlaw Rekka
    His worst:
  • Bodyguard Kiba II (a piece of uninspired crap, especially considering it’s directed by him)
  • Happiness of the Katakuris (pretty original, but I just didn’t like it. too much singing in it too, yet bizarre as usual)

I watched Audition last night and what a wonderful movie.

I really enjoyed Audition too , brutal ending! that wire saw made my eyes water :o

anyone else enjoy the horror movies too : tale of two sisters (excellent) / spider forest etc …?

I too thought that DEAD OR ALIVE had a fantastic start but i didn’t like the ending

I just watched Oldboy and I recommend everyone to see this!

has anyone seen “PEDICAB DRIVER”, a superb film with Samo Hung.

junk was very good horror film, a type of resident evil with plenty of gore, gunfights and cool soundtrack
guts blood and gore! see it if you like types like resident evil, night of the living dead 8)

fudoh? very strange gagster movie, if you want real gagster movie see contraband 1980

I don’t stray far from Kurosawa, or from the Zatoichi-series.

I am sorry to hear that Kit, there is a whole cinema in Japan to explore, from the fun Fukasaku’s ‘Makai Tensho’, the high art of Mizoguchi Kenji, Kobayashi Masaki, Ozu, and the greatness of films like the Samurai trilogy and 'Lone Wolf and Cub.

Yeah, I like Zatoichi films a lot and Kurosawa is good, but Kurosawa isn’t the only good director from Japan and many would not say he is the overall best, I mean Ozu has a lot of international fans, and many others only have small international fans in the fields of film criticism and should be discovered by the mass public.

I like films from many Asian countries but I do not count ‘‘Asian cinema’’ valid as most Asian countries are less connected and related than Europe and America. I mean India is not the same as Japan, and Japan is inspired by but not culturally related to China, nor Vietnam, Burma etc. ‘‘Asian Cinema’’ is a grouping created by Americans who see the world in continents, despite the fact that Europe and Asia have always been connected and are considered one continent in some countries.

Coming soon to a theater near you: (in the US & UK anyway) 13 Assassins. I’m very excited about this one! Only seen good reviews of it.