Arrapaho (Ciro Ippolito, 1984)

(Bill san Antonio) #1

Just spotted this 80’s film from the database

Anyone seen it? The review from the imdb made me curious, sounds like a very bad film.

It's hard to understand this B-movie if you didn't grow up in the '70s and '80s in Italy. Most of the script is made by vulgar puns, bad musical numbers, homophobic sketches, references to then-contemporary Italian popular culture, and abundantly naked women.

OK, you can look at the naked women, but what is most enjoyable is the pure nonsense. And the lack of a recognizable plot. And the very, very, very low budget. Director Ciro Ippolito proudly declared “I made the worst Italian movie ever, in the worst moment ever of Italian movie-making.”

You won’t believe anyone could make a movie like this, and actually release it in theatres (two. In one the release was 3 hours late, as the film was being brought by car by the director itself, who got stuck in a traffic jam.)

Some random quotes to illustrate the concept:

Indian Chief: “Son, who do you like more, daddy or mommy?” Son: “Pippo Baudo!”

Narrator: “In the meanwhile, among the chestnut trees, an ass was wandering.”

Arrapaho (kissing his girl): “I feel you are very nervous, what’s up?” Girl: “It’s four days since I last shitted!”

It is so hopelessly bad that it became a cult movie straight away. And it was intended to be.

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Certainly not a SW, in all honesty I’m not sure that it falls under the Eurowestern category (and that is a good thing!)… ;D

The title is Arrapaho instead of Arapaho because the Italian word ‘Arrapato’ means horny.


Film looks pretty far out :smiley: .

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I concur. I’m actually harboring a hankering to see it! :o