A true word

I don’t think Silence knows very much about the 60s and 70s

He just prefers old movies and music to newer stuff, but don’t we all more or less?

And old vhs rentals and LP records can be fun just to collect, I thought you did it too Søren?

Oh, not LPs I stick with the cds. In fact my turntable broke recently so the LPs I do have are just sitting on the shelf. That isn’t really a problem since most of them was acquired when I was young in the 80s when my taste in music was, shall we say, alternative (read: BAAAAD).

Danish VHS rentals I collect that is true, that’s what I meant with the insance collector reference :slight_smile: The normal spaghetti western watcher should stick with the fine dvds being put out, and the excellent fandubs/subs/vhs-rips being distributed on the net. It shouldn’t really be necessary to buy a vhs tape ever… They are fun to have though that is true, but God do they take up much space :frowning:

The reason I sold all my VHS.

If you have a high-end (I hate that term) TT setup, then I agree… I prefer analogue sound to digital sound. CD’s are definitely superior to an old dusty vinyl, in terms of sound quality. Although, this doesn’t change the fact, that vinyl’s has the old, warm and emotional feeling - which I wouldn’t change with anything. :slight_smile:

Ah that will be the sounds of a scratched record playing tricks with your brain :slight_smile:

Seriously though, if you’re a (Italian) soundtrack collector today there really isn’t any way to go besides cds… Not much is being released on LP and the soundtracks which already has had an LP release are either impossible to find, cost a billion and/or only contains a fraction of the tracks of the newly-published cd. Plus cds fit in my laptop so I can listen to them at work… LPs don’t (trust me).