Argent Films DVDs

Does anyone knows if the Argent releases of Django kill and Bullet for general are the uncut versions or if they are cut then how badly?
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as far as I know they are uncut, but like most french dvds they might have forced subtitles… refer to one of our frenchDVD topics or pages, maybe there’s more info there

What bothers me about this versions are running times listed on boxes differing from those from imdb or fatmandan’s site.

Argent are UK releases not French, and I checked, both films are apparently uncut.

my bad.
are they not the ones just copying blue underground?

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No problem :wink:

I have the Argent and Blue Underground versions of Django Kill. The running time difference is due to the format. The Argent disc is PAL, while the Blue Underground is NTSC, and they run at different speeds…(don’t ask me to get technical tho!). So, it generally appears that US releases are longer.

Yes, there would be a difference between a British and American disc.

I believe that the Argent discs have poorer transfers than the Blue Underground discs, and lack Italian soundtracks?

True…the quality of the Argent disc is slightly poorer, and it is English language only. I’d bought it some time before i became aware of the Blue Underground version. (Not sure which one came out first???). The interviews on each disc are slightly different…and also, the Argent disc has no interview with Tomas Milian (another reason i got the BU version, apart from the language thing of course!).

Went through the trouble of updating this catalog and I also uploaded better quality DVD covers. They have joined Nouveaux Pictures under the umbrella of Cult Films