Apachen ( 1973 / Kolditz )


Treaty exists between the indians and the mexicans. Things change as the white man wants to start copper mining on indian land, so indians are slaughtered on mass scale with cash waiting for scalps.

The faces of a few characters in this reminded of a Spaghetti western, especially the scenes in the mexican village. Felt like watching a Spaghetti alot of the time. Score did not escape the 70’s influence of wow wow style guitar sounds on a few of the score tracks. Main bad guy reminded me alot of Piero Lulli. Excellent action scenes which are sometimes tough, but always exciting.

Still living on a German diet, I watched this one last night
I planned to recommend the cinemageddon upload to ENNIOO since it has English subs, but I see it’s no longer of use

Set on the eve of the American-Mexican war, scalphunters, exploring the territory for the American army, arrange the massacre of a local tribe of Apaches, but one of them, a guy called Ulzana, survives …

Surprisingly violent East-German Commy-western, less preachy than the one I watched the day before (Blutsbrüder). The violence XL betrays some influence of Aldrich’ Ulzana’s Raid, but there are few similarities scriptwise. It’s not as good as Ulzana’s Raid (the director is no Aldrich and there’s no Lancaster in the cast), but if it were a spaghetti (there are some similarities to film like Scalps and Vengeance Trail), it would be a good runner-up.