Apache Woman / Una donna chiamata Apache (Giorgio Mariuzzo, 1976)


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Always thought that the cover (Drunna style) was the best of the film

well, i just laughed about “hairy pussy flash” - scherp, ts, ts, ts
but that apache woman seems to have certainly very lusciously shaped legs :-X

The scene in the movie is more like this:


@ tomas : Yes, she has great legs. She’s a very good-looking girl, actually.
That hairy pussy flash - that’s the seventies, Paul Verhoeven and Sharon Stone changed all that in the nineties. But a flash is a flash.

More like a SW comedy, no? Another cheapo one it seems.

IMDB uses as key words: Sex comedy, spaghetti western
It’s hard to find anything conclusive about the movie. Nice cast, probably a comedy western with some erotic touches.

Italo-West-Fan knows… :wink:


Italo-West-Fan keeps surprising me …

Well, definitely low-budget then.

Here’s the trailer. Clara Hopf’s face can be spotted at 2’55 (don’t know if she’s the girl in the nudity scene, I’ll have to check that more meticulously)


The film is even in Giusti’s book (must have overlooked it yesterday)
IMDB and the (title of) the movie’s thread mention Stelvio Massi as director, the database and Italo-West-Fan’s text list Bianco Manini (Newman Rostel). Giusti also thinks Manini directed the movie, but he quotes Rick Boyd, who sustains that he was directed by Alberto de Martino (Martino denied this)
Bizarre. Giusti also confirms that Hopf became a make up artist after a very brief career as an actress. Bizarre career move.
He also confirms that Kinski can be spotted in one scene. I’d say the train scene in this trailer is taken from A Bullet for the General.

I corrected the info on Hopf’s other movie and made a link to it

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:4, topic:2853”]The scene in the movie is more like this:


I remember a similar situation in La vendetta è un piatto che si serve freddo/Vengeance Is a Dish Served Cold (1971).

That’s right, I if I’m not mistaken, it was more revealing.

yeah, more hairy pussy flashes

I found this interesting if somewhat cheap and erratic at times. It obviously takes it’s inspiration from " Soldier Blue" but there’s not that much gore or even action in this film. the film varies for me because it has fairly long moments of talk between the grade "B " massacres, rape, and mutilation. Cliver and Kewa are ok, and i tend to prefer the more serious and bleaker Spaghetti Westerns anyway to that gains it extra marks. 6/10

In Argentina she was presented as Keoma’s sister… ??? :smiley:

Well, if in Germany nearly every gunslinger can be Django, she can be Keoma’s sister (or Navajo Joyce) in Argentina.

Just viewed this one again. Nice and sleazy…guess why I like it. Nothing great but entertaining for this viewer.

I watched it recently, too. I really like it. I can see a lot of inspiration from Apache Massacre AKA Cry For Me, Billy (1972). This is basically an Italian version of that film.