Anybody willing to share his homework on locations?

Hi amigos. As I posted last year I already have one trip to almeria under my belt. I’m planning to go back at least once more in 2015, to find some more of these wonderful locations. I was planning on using the website of regis cluseau to find locations, but I recently found out that his site is no longer up. While I’m furiously hoping his site will come back online I was wondering if there’s anybody out there that, like Regis, documented a bunch of these locations and how to get to them. And more importantly, if that somebody is willing to share that info what me!? All info is very welcome! Just FYI, sad hill, guadix and a few more OUATITW and GBU locations are high on my wish list. Anybody have location info for the big gundown? I do have a lot of digital spag soundtracks, so perhaps we can trade if that is an option!? Cheers, angel eyes