Any history or military buffs here?

If you’re into history or the military, please check out a new website I created to preserve the history of the PH-15 Bristol Nike Missile Base - - soon, there will be no traces of the base left, and because of that, I’m trying to spread the word so the base isn’t forgotten! If you dig the site, please share it!


I guess all Arsenal fans are history buffs these days …

I consider myself a history buff and I have some books and documentaries on WW2. I also have some war movies but I wouldn’t call myself a “war buff”.

No, but a history buff can appreciate the history of many things :wink:

I was once a military in the Portuguese Navy, my father was a militar during the colonial war both in Angola and then Guine, I had a grandfather that was in the border police (a contrabadist more like it) and a grand uncle (is it call that way? he was a brother of one of my grandfathers) that fight with the republicans in the Spanish Civil War, and cause of that ended up exiled in East Timor. History was my first choice for my academic studies, but the only future in that was on teatching (I would most likely be expelled from that for kicking the students), so I was more pragmatic and choose Economy.
So History in general and Militar history in particular is my hobby, unfortenately in Portugal we do not have the good anglo-saxonic tradition of Historical Societies, but the few that exist I’m in. I’m kind of a amateur expert in the Peninsular War during the French Invasions, and in the Civil War that followed in Portugal (the Liberal wars). I know all the forts and paths from the torres defensive lines that stoped Massena’s army in front of Lisbon, a very underrated battle in the Napoleonic wars. Also did some of those battle simulations in Bucaço and Vimeiro, with all XIX century militar gear, but soon quit that, I still don’t understand how they could fight in those suits in the hot days (believe only the hats make you sweat like a pig), and I was always picked for the French side so I never won ;D, the fatigue’s were nicer of course.

Wow, that’s pretty interesting, El Topo! Good for you! It’s interesting how every country / location has their own history that, while somewhat similar, is very different.

I am a huge history buff. I studied History at university and yes I work in a field that is not related to it at all. My favorite era of history is the inter-war years in Europe from 1919-1939 but I also enjoy Medieval history and the conflicts I enjoy reading about are the Russo-Japanese War, World War 2, and the Spanish Civil War.