Any Gun Can play (DVD)

can someone tell me how the Region1 release of that film is? I am thinking of buying it… but I am not sure…

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The video quality is just acceptable, audio is sufficient, just like other VCI release such as Django the Bastard or Find a Place to Die. Well you have to be tolerant with SW DVD quality right? You can’t expect Lord of the Rings quality. But you should determine whether you like this movie or not. For myself, I’m a little bit disappointed but oh heck, it’s rare, and it’s nice addition if you’re collecting.

What Yohanes said. The VCI transfer is widescreen but not anamorphic and not particularly sharp. George Hilton is good in the film. As a spaghetti fan, I think you would like the film but be aware it has a mostly satirical tone. I prefer my spaghettis take themselves way too seriously rather than satirize. I did enjoy it though. That said, it is worth a look and is very reasonably priced from most retailers. It is better than most budget bin transfers but not as good as a major studio transfer.

Link to a review with screenshots

Its one of my all time favs esp the beginning when Hilton guns down the heroes of the SW’s at the time Nero LVC and Clint. Gilbert Roland is superb in this flick and the movie moves along nicely with a decent soundtrack…bad parts of the film are the wash house fight scene in particular alonG with the fight between Hilton and Burnes but other than that 4 out of 5 imho.


I watched this film for the first time tonight. It is reminiscent of the “buddy” type films, the clean-cut all-American type (Byrnes) paired with the rough-around-the-edges type (Hilton), with more double-crosses than you can keep track of! A spoofy, fun kind of flick that I was in the mood for tonight.

On the whole I liked it, not the best I’ve seen but I like De Masi’s soundtrack and I enjoyed the performances of Byrnes, Hilton and Roland. The comedy fight scenes seem to me to be typical of some American musicals or westerns of the time, not my cup of tea exactly but what the hell…

Just finished this. I thought it was passable. Definitely not anything special in my opinion. It started out interesting and ended sorta interesting. But the characters in from the beginning point till the end point, did not go no where as far as development in my opinion. The comedic aspect was kinda off also. The theme song for it was nice but the rest of the soundtrack sounded like circus music and not in a good way. I would give it 4.5/10