Any Deadwood fans here?

(MetalGeorge) #1

Simply one of my favorite shows on television EVER, and a sorely missed series which was never able to finish its official run.

Deadwood, in my opinion, featured some of the best, most dynamic dialogue in television, not to mention one of its greatest villains/anti-heroes in the form of the immortal Al Swearengen! :smiley:

(Stanton) #2,369.0.html

No, we never heard of Deadwood. :wink:

(MetalGeorge) #3

Ooops! Shame on me for missing that one! o_O

(Hoover Valentine) #4

Loved that show. Hated to see it get canceled. It seems that all the shows I like to watch get canceled or just quit(I’m still mourning Lost and Party Down). Good thing I still have The Simpsons, I don’t think that show’s going off the air anytime soon. And I hope FX picks up Louie for another season, that show is hillarious!

(TheBigSmokedown) #5

Awesome show. Ended with a bit of a whimper, sadly.