Another request for help in identifying a movie

Howdy friends, I have a humble request for your vast expertise in all things western.

As a child, I remember seeing a western movie but, even after spending a lot of time on the internet, I haven’t been able to find out what movie it is. I’m not 100% sure if it’s a spaghetti western so I’m sorry if it falls out of topic…

These things I remember:

  • a group of men are holed up in a church with a chest of gold
  • cavalry is somehow involved
  • a machine gun, possibly in a bell tower or church entrance
  • everyone (?) dies at the end but the priest of the church who is left with the gold (I seem to remember an end shot with the priest walking amongst dead bodies)

Does anyone have a clue? A thousand internetfuls of kudos for the kind soul that releases my mind out of it’s torment! :slight_smile:

Remember any actors/familiar faces? that often helps narrow it down.

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I’m probably wrong, but is it possible the film you’re looking for is Yankee?
Here’s the page from the database: Yankee - The Spaghetti Western Database


that’s a good shout. I was thinking Guns for San Sebastian or maybe Return of the Seven, but neither fully fit the description.

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Not exactly as you described it, but Resquiescant comes to mind.

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The combination of ALL the 4 listed characteristics seems difficult to find in an at least fairly well known spaghetti-western.

I have only watched around 120 SWs and can’t remember any with more than 1 or 2 of those characteristics.

Another SW that comes to my mind in that respect is A Hole In The Forehead which vaguely could fit if your memory of the film’s characteristics is a bit vague.

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Hi! Thank you kindly and most humbly for your messages! It seems that the image in my head is an amalgamation of multiple different westerns, stirred into one by a child’s mind. I think A Town Called Hell would be the movie I remember, spiced with elements from other movies. I’m truly grateful for you dear frieds for the mystery being solved!

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