Anime shows and films

Real simple, just a thread for people who like animie to talk about it.

Isn’t the name “anime”?

Sorry I will correct it. :+1:


Anyone here seen Samurai Champloo? Made by the same person(Shinchiro Watanabe) who did Cowboy Bebop, only with samurais and hip hop instead of space bounty hunters and jazz. It’s a great show, but it’s not as deep as Bebop was. Some great fight scenes, too, not to mention a killer soundtrack.

This one?
It’s all my friend talks about. He is a massive anime fan. I will go to my local CEX and see how much they charge. I want to watch CASTLEVANIA first.

Yep, that one! Castlevania is great, too. It’s not really an anime since the show isn’t made in Japan, but it’s really damned good.

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I feel that way about VAMPIRE HUNTER D: BLOOD LUST. Recorded in English first. But made by a Japanese team. Mmmm?

I don’t know about that one, but the Netflix Castlevania adaptation team isn’t made up of Japanese people. Avatar: The Last Airbender is another example of an American show that uses anime influences(and is a really damn good show).

I never got into THE LAST AIRBENDER, DRAGON BALL Z etc. I was more THE GUYVER.

Had a little shopping spree.

I need to get Ghost in the shell 2. I really want Space Adventure Cobra with the 90s English track.