Angel Eyes.... the ugly?

Not really sure were to put this topic or if its been already answered. I tried doing a search but just came up with a bunch of pages for GBU.

My question: I always see posters and stuff calling Van Cleef “mr. ugly” or whatever but in GBU he is “the bad” right? so why do I always seem his refereed to as The Ugly? maybe Im just missing something ??? :-\

A simple mistake made for the original US ad campaign.

So… is he the ugly then? because I see poster for different films that call him “ugly”

He was miscalled as the ugly, but nevertheless other ads for other films adopted the mistake.

There’s no doubt that LvC was the bad, il cattivo.

ahh I see, thank you

Yeah LVC was always known as “MR UGLY” in the states because the advertising execs screwed it Up. Kind of like how Christopher Columbus ended up calling native americans “Indians”, because he thought he was in India haha.

Also the freeze frame of Lee Van Cleef in the movie with text on the screen saying “the bad”.

no shit. I was just wondering why they called him the ugly. no need to be a smart ass

Sorry, I wasn’t being a smart ass… I thought you hadn’t seen the movie, misunderstood the point of the post…

the cover of day of anger from wild east said that we watch him play the ugly
i don’t know if this was made by mistake

I always put it down to the Italian version being called "The Good, the Ugly and the Bad.