And Now … Make Your Peace with God / Ed ora … raccomanda l’anima a Dio! (Demofilo Fidani, 1968)


Wouldn’t exaggerate if I said that I looked at the timer about 25 times in those 80 min it lasted. Every scene was a small war on my patience. Pretty bad, even for Fidani’s standards.

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And now for something completely Fidani:


A review of the movie and some biographical notes on Persian (Iranian) actor FARDIN

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Brilliant review. I liked the ending notes about Simone ;).

(Reza) #24

The movie itself is not very bad…
average soundtrack and nice shooting and weak acting 8)

(The Man With a Name) #25

Very enjoyable spaghetti! Not sure what took me so long to finally watch it but I loved it. Plenty of action and never boring.

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I now have two widescreen recordings from different Italian TV stations… the original had been fandubbed by hocico and he also added the first 7 minutes from the English version because it was missing

The new one has the original rotoscope styled intro credits and the missing 7 minutes.

I will be fandubbing it, but I’m still looking it over to see if there are other differences and how much work it will be.

Its a better picture quality than the first widescreen fandub, but still suffers from some color problems so I may consider also doing color correction and picture improvement as well, just to make this one extra special

Edit: added exact screen comparison to the Global Video FS

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Interestingly, this one also seems to have intermission screen included at 37min:

Intermission in a Fidani picture :thinking:


Essential for me :rofl:

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Gives you the time to grab another beer and not lifting a finger to pause the print :grinning:

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First attempt tonight at applying some color correction to the TV print (video movement is a little weird due to youtube recompression):

original first, color corrected second


I’ve gotta see this movie just for the song! LOL

Big improvement with the image :+1:

(The Man With a Name) #32

I really enjoyed this film the last time I watched it. One of Fidani’s best films for me but I tend to enjoy Fidani in general. I haven’t really watched one that I didn’t like.

(autephex) #33

Its a pretty ridiculous song where the dubber seems to be making up the words on the spot

Always reminds me of this: