And His Name Was Holy Ghost / … e lo chiamarono Spirito Santo (Roberto Mauri, 1971)

(chameleon) #21

Ok Scherps, maybe I’ll download sometime, got to make room on my hard drive first.

(ENNIOO) #22

The second or third film is a bit more daft than the first film. Cannot remember which one now as viewed all the films one after each another, so things are a bit hazy at this point :smiley: .

(autephex) #23

Got around to watching this and was much better than expected. Agreed with Scherp’s review in that the filmmakers did a good job with very little. All actors involved give good performances and the film is shot fairly nicely. Loved the crazy preacher that machine guns everyone -“Thou shall not kill, but I don’t want any witnesses!”

Biggest problem here is the general lack of substance, and while it was handled with enough skill to look past, still prevents the film from being much past average.

(Farmer_J) #24

Can anyone be an absolute darling and possibly send me a copy. I’ve seen the last 2, and this one sounds more promising.

(JonathanCorbett) #25

Currently available on YouTube with ENG subs.

(Farmer_J) #26

Thanks for the tip Jonathan ;). Quite to finally see this. I thought it was pretty good, not top 20, but perhaps IMO one of the lower 20, much better than the last 2. Hunt Powers seems to have no control over his facial hair and just let it grow on and on though ;D. The Indian Sheriff was a nice touch too.

(p.pereira) #27

For some reason I’ve seen the second first. This one is much better, less comedy, average pace and fair acting by Jack Betts (and it’s epic moustage), also Palmara (born to be Indian), Torres (crazy machine gun preacher) and Vassili (what a stupid costume).