And God Said to Cain / E Dio disse a Caino … (Antonio Margheriti, 1970)

Didn’t you know? Its been glued to his head of course.

I missed that part. He got pardoned, got a horse, gun & ammo, glued his hat and then pledge revenge. Now I’ve got it.

I was disapointed with this one but I’ll wait with my vote cause I haven’t really decided yet.

On second viewing it really left more of an impression this time. It felt like the atmosphere was thicker and acting felt greater. Also a weirdly hypnotic score as well to add to the hallucinogenic feel to it. Klaus Kinski really gave it his all this one…

I enjoyed Kinski in this one, but I expected it to be darker than it was; although it does have a forboding feel, ( HE IS the storm), his character is not as evil and depraved as I like. ;D
I did enjoy the church scene. An SW horror moment.

While I was bored by the action initailly, the second viewing led me to the conclusion that the main action and oick off killing that so irks many viewers I now see as one whole action scene. I mean, when he kills thoseguys in front of the wagon or something from the tower, the shot imbetween thisscene and the rest ofthe action is brief enough for it to be one short action scene that consists of picking off oponents. I don’t see the killing as individual killing inother words.

You don’t see a lot of snipe & run scenes in SW’s. He stalks his prey instead of dueling. Also, the way the weather has been here in Boston lately, I though Klaus Kinski was on his way to my town to reap revenge.

Actual photo I took

Beware! ;D

I almost desperate to get my hands on this movie, and certainly enjoyed. Dark sets… shinning riffle, thought!

This movie reminded me of batman LOL. The way he Kinski sneaks up and kills people in the middle of the night.

i saw this last night on a very nice dvd-r copy and yes it was a franco cleef. i liked it, a stylish, but slow moving spaghetti western with a rare good guy role for Klaus Kinski who does well. liked the music as well which is something that doesn’t get mentioned much. 7/10

Good SW. But for me the pace is too slow. This has disturbed me already at Django The Bastard. Here it is similar. Although I must say that GOD SAID TO CAIN is much better. Many dark scenes. And yes, a good Kinsi.
Margheriti, as always, with good work.
However, I must say that I have fallen Vengeance better.
Especially with a much better music.

I’m assuming Kinski’s best is “The Great Silence”? Out of curiosity, did Kinski ever provide the German language dubbing for his SWs?


The dubbing? Don’t know.

Quien Sabe I think is definitely better than GOD SAID TO CAIN.
But by miles. And Kinski’s third best.
Better are only For a few dollars more and The Great Silence. :wink:

Just wondering if any of the German speaking forum members have watched any of Kinski’s SWs in German and if it sounded like his voice was being used in the ones where he had a major role (I guess for his cameos it wasn’t worth the effort)?

I can´t remember that Kinski ever dubbed himself in a spaghetti western, although i could be mistaken. I would have to check out some of my German DVD releases some time. It´s really shame cause none of the German and English dubs capture the intensity of his marvelous performances. The man had such an recognizeable and unique voice that it is impossible to match whether in German or English.

I usually prefer the more professional German dubs anyway since most English dubs sound somewhat corny with their cheap redneck/texas accents. To me the Germans put alot more effort into creating their dubs and making them sound somewhat believeable.

[quote=“The Stranger, post:34, topic:495”]Quien Sabe I think is definitely better than GOD SAID TO CAIN.
But by miles. And Kinski’s third best.
Better are only For a few dollars more and The Great Silence. ;)[/quote]

Yes, but these are supporting roles.

Mostly he didn’t dub himself, maybe sometimes, but as I said I’m not sure about his Spagies.

I think he lived during the 60s in Italy, so somebody else must have dubbed him…

That’s what I suspected. I guess the closest we’ll get to an SW with Kinski using his own voice is Cobra Verde whose introduction is so much like an SW that even Herzog admits it in his commentary. Of course after that, the rest of the movie takes a rather different tack.

Yeh, unless they were using the original actors’ voices, the English dubs are generally inferior to their counterparts in all other languages that I’ve heard. I guess it was because SWs were held in such low critical esteem in the US which was the main English speaking market for them.

Having said that, I have never understood why some people complain about the English audio for The Great Silence. I think it’s pretty darn good and I suspect we are getting Frank Wolff’s and Vonetta McGee’s original voices at least, while Trintignant doesn’t even need to say a word. The guy who dubs Kinski does a nice ‘chilling’ job.

Guess I’ll try and pick up an Italian version of “God Said to Cain” then which for me will probably be the French release as I can understand the subs (unlike on the German one). By the way, does anyone know what the OAR was? According to IMDB its 2.35:1 like the French release, but the German release is listed in the DB as 1.85:1.