An unlikely duo battles psychotic confederate father & sons

Hazy on this, hoping the brain trust will come through for me.

There is kind of an at odds, slightly comedic, pairing of heroes, one definitely an MX bandito type, and I think a chick. They end up going against this brilliantly sadistic, sort of secluded or trapped in time family, a few brothers and their old man. Wearing remnants of confederate uniforms. One dude may have had a signature red scarf or something. One was sort of a dim witted brutish type.

I remember a distinct scene where they are kind of at a table but it’s outside in the desert, one of the heroes is hiding in the bushes peering at them.

Also a scene of one protagonist bursting into a bedroom to find his counterpart in bed with a woman or two.

Sartana Kills them All maybe, but that is not a really unknown one.


but that is not a really unknown one

Um… well… if it was known to me I promise I wouldn’t have poised it, lol.

(Besides, didn’t someone just ask about a fuzzy memory from an elusive film entitled A Few Dollars More? Sheesh.)

Anyway, appreciated. Without the black Inverness coat Sartana wasn’t even in my candidate pool, and I really needed this one for my current research.

And it is a good one. And pretty mean despite its jokey tint

Agree on all.

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