An imaginary pack of SW playing cards

Four-color 52-card deck.

Since in my opinion blue diamonds (typical 4 color deck) and green spades (Turnierbild deck) are unwatchable, I’d go for the best combination: gold-yellow diamonds and green clubs.


Aces: The Man With No Name - Django - Sartana - Sabata

Kings: Ringo - The Stranger - Trinity - Garringo

Queens: Jill - Maria - Giarrettiera Colt - Marisol

Jacks: Frank Brana - Nello Pazzafini - José Canalejas - Rick Boyd

Jokers (3): Klaus Kinski as The Hunchback

Two decks: first back Sergio Leone, second back Ennio Morricone


Alternative pack:

Standard Aces

Kings: Sergio Leone - Sergio Corbucci - Sergio Sollima - Giulio Petroni

Queens: Nora Orlandi - Edda Dell’Orso - Ann Collin - Lida Lu

Jacks: Ennio Morricone - Bruno Nicolai - Luis Enriquez Bacalov - Francesco De Masi

Jokers (3) Demofilo Fidani

Two decks: first back Eli Wallach, second back Gian Maria Volonté

Kings: Sartana, Django, The Man With No Name, Sabata

Queens: Marisol, Jill, Erika Blanc, Martine Beswick

Jacks: Tony Anthony’s Stranger, Hallelujah, Trinity, Banjo

Joker: Lasky

Two decks: Sergio Leone and Sergio Corbucci