An album of rerecordings?

Hey, folks: I ran across an album called Spaghetti Westerns on iTunes that features 24 Ennio Morricone tunes from various Italo-westerns. What I can’t figure out for certain is whether these are rerecordings. I’ve been listening to the samples and occasionally they don’t sound quite right, while other times they seem fine. Does anyone know for certain?

Can’t find it exactly, but:

if you search for the record label, you get here:
which has links for a couple of their other releases.

They’re all played by “solisti e orchestre del cinema italiano”, so I’d say they’re all re-recordings, but that doesn’t prove anything about the exact album you’re interested in.

Thanks for the link!

Having listened to all of the samples, and based on what you’ve discovered, it seems that the album is a bunch of rerecordings. Pretty good ones, but not original. I’m glad I didn’t drop the $9.99 on it before checking it out more closely.