Amusement-Park 'Worlds', Like WestWorld, To Adventure In

Sinatra World… inspired by his Tony Rome series… A beach-side metropolis with dozens of nightclubs… No casinos. All gambling-ops done in back-rooms. -Bookies everywhere. Pop-music consists-of pseudo-psychedelic ‘hippie’-twanging… Wealthy playgirls in bikini’s, big hair, big heels… Alcohol and cigarettes aplenty. Everybody carries a concealed handgun. No grandiose hotels. Guests can stay in cheap bungalows or aboard modest-sized boats, moored in marinas. No cellphones allowed… phone-booths on every street-corner. For transportation, gas-guzzling convertibles are the norm, but empty taxi-cabs are constantly a-prowl… Dog-tracks and horse-tracks are abuzz with reliable pre-race info, from dozens of harmlessly-sleazey ‘insiders’. Every door in the city can be easily lockpicked for stealthy entry… Police are well-meaning, but easily bluffed or distracted by minor incidents. Children allowed, but boys must wear a toy cowboy-holster w/toy Colt .45, and girls must carry-around a stuffed-animal or doll. Gays, lesbians, and tranny’s allowed, but must be dramatically flaming. It only rains at night.

Beer-Commercial World… nobody under 28, or over 48 allowed-in. A metropolitan setting… all attractions closed during daylight except outdoor-barbecues, ‘regular’ sporting-events, and ‘offbeat’ sporting-events (like competition bungie-jumping, capture the stolen display-window mannequin, iceboat-polo, etc.). No alcohol above 8%. Smoking must remain out-of-sight. All males should be accompanied by two females. If he’s accompanied by one female, her IQ must be at least 75-‘points’ above his. There aren’t any luxury-restaurants… just fast-food or sidewalk vendors. All nightclubs are void of strippers, and live-bands will only play retro dance-music, yet ‘look’ like they out-Motorhead Motorhead. ‘Regular’ clubs must have a dozen-televisions-per-wall, showing sports-events only. There aren’t any parking-lots, so all vehicles must be parked on streets, which is okay because there’s always plenty of space and the police are usually inside the clubs, partying. It never rains. -But it does snow, so patrons must seek shelter in a nightclub immediately.

Lewton World… Closed during daylight-hours. No children allowed. White, black, and gray clothes only. Streets are narrow, but empty. Yet alleys are wide and occupied by drunks, drug-victims, and other sordid male/female derelicts that give each alley its own dangerous identity. Lights are unusually bright, to insure that shadows are unusually dark. Each visitor is assigned something to follow them thru the park, unseen. Nightclubs are below street-level, generally featuring exhausted-looking jazz-groups. Hotels are everywhere; ominously, with ‘plenty of vacancies’. There are spiritualist shops on every block, featuring 1-or-2 seances per night. Funeral-parlors can only be accessed via the back-door. The zoo is large, and so are the animals, whose cages are easily opened. A single stone-arch bridge connects-to BettiePage Plaza, with its mannequin-windowed womens’ shops and curtain-windowed photographic-studios. The museum is perpetually crime-taped and closed to the public. Only the police are allowed inside for reasons unknown…