Amazon Prime UK spaghetti westerns

A FYI that Amazon Prime UK have an unexpectedly large number of spaghetti westerns on their database. It’s difficult to find out how many since their search engine isn’t very good.

A number of them, maybe 30-40, are free (at least to me). General on the low quality end of the genre. There are at least 4 Fidani movies on this (even though none of his movies had been released in the UK) and several movies under strange titles which are different from their on-screen titles so for example they have a Richard Harrison film called Roko’s Revenge which turns out to be Vengeance (1968) and the print has the Vengeance title.
Worth a look if you have this.

Here’s an attempt at a direct link to their western movies category: Prime Video: Browse (SWDb affiliate link)

Their filter sucks. Other thing that makes me sick is the lack of material available with a Portuguese connection. It’s really shitty comparing other countries.

Thanks - that’s a lot more useful than searching on the TV on Prime itself.

I wonder how much was paid to stream those Fidani movies!

A fortune I hope, for punishment :slight_smile:

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