Alternate titles in the database

I was wondering how to add alternate titles into the database so that they link to the correct film when searched. I notice this already happens for some films (i.e. Big Gundown etc) but not for most. I think most new fans would struggle to know the original italian title to every film they are interested in and would be greatly helped if they could, for example, enter ‘Some Dollars For Django’ of ‘A Few Dollars For Django’ in the search box and be directed to ‘Per Poche Dollari per Django’ straight away. These should also appear on the ‘Browse All’ page in my opinion.
I realise this would involve a lot of entry work but I, for one, am happy to work on it. I’m just not sure how it is done.

Can anyone help? And do most of you agree that tis would be a good thing?

I agree that this would be a helpful function.

I’ve never done this personally but each title would have to be re-directed to the Italian title page, see this thread,22.0.html.
I think it would be difficult to include every title for every film on the “Browse All” page but there are pages which clear up confusing titles (“Common Titles” section on the “Browse All” page) which could be added too.:slight_smile:

yes it is a lot of work. i did it for a few very common titles. but note that there are many alternate titles that are similar if not the same. one possiblity (see main page idea topic) to make the lists of common titles more easily and faster accessible from the main page…

I have to agree to Seb. I’ve done this as wel and it is a hell of a work. But it would be helpful. But the thing with the same titles is a problem as well. We have to find a solution to make it easier.

I think that would help much. It’s easier for veteran spaghetti fan to search what they want since they’ll usually know the Italian title too (or at least part of it) but for a new fan it might not be that easy.

we don’t have to do that with every title on the database but maybe with some of the more common titles.