Alternate Dollars Trilogy Titles

In Alex Cox’s book, 10,000 Ways to Die, he says that A Fistful of Dollars was originaly titled The Magnificent Stranger, For a Few Dollars More, the screenplay was entitled Two Magnificent Strangers and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was called The Magnificent Rogues. Is this true, and what do you think of these alternate titles?

I like the first one, not too keen on the second two.

Nice but sounds a bit American (or I’m fooled by The Magificent Seven).

I know what you mean Silence. Maybe the originaly title for A Fistful of Dollars was intended this to cash in on The Magnificent Seven?

Cant’ say that I care for any of the alternate titles–they just don’t have the same ring as A Fistful of Dollars, etc. Not dark or compelling enough… and yes, I agree they don’t sound European somehow.

It’s interesting that the respective titles of “The Magnificent Stranger”, “Two Magnificent Strangers” and “The Magnificent Rogues” maintain the idea of a trilogy. However, “The Magnificent Trilogy” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “The Dollars Trilogy”!

I don’t look at them as a trilogy myself, in my eyes they just happen to be three westerns with Clint Eastwood in and directed by Sergio Leone, i’d say the reason being that Eastwood isn’t the same character in each one.

…as with the other actors in them.

Agreed. :wink:

Really ?
I think he’s exactly the same
A bounty killer in GBU and FAFDM and in FOD he’s only interested in money,too.

I’ve read anywhere that in FOD a few words are spoken which says the opposite,but i’d say the money grubbing character was intended by Leone.

By the way Leone had the idea for a trilogy in his head,at least since he made GBU,which is the beginner for it.
In another topic,i can’t remember,the hints are explained very good.
The ‘Poncho’ thing for example,i guess it was Scherps - who else.

Of the three titles,which sounds far too American,no one have the vehemence of the Dollar titles in my opinion

Yes, I agree with all of you, the titles do sound too American, but, as I said before, The Magnificent Stranger title (which wasn’t changed until the last minute) was probably intended to cash in on The Magnificent Seven.

the 3rd choice is horrific :-\

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