Almería Western Film Festival 2022

Hey !

From October 28 to November 2, 2022, the Almería Western Film Festival will take place and I have a few questions.

Should I register somewhere beforehand? Will people from the forum go there?
I have the possibility of shifting my holidays in September to be able to be available on these dates, but I have about 9 hours by car to go there from France, and I don’t know anyone to date who wants to go there with me.
I think if there is a good place to talk about the Festival, it is on this forum haha.

Thanks !

(I searched I did not find a topic already created. If I made a mistake please correct it)

Hi ewo,

another year where I can’t attend… it just keeps being at the worst possible time in the year for me. But yeah, maybe some other folks plan on attending

Nobody ?

I know i’m a new member. It’s simply to discuss about the event :slight_smile: