Almeria Western Film Festival 2013 - pictures

(alk0) #1

I will use this topic to post some non-location photos from my trip to Almeria Western Festival this year.

Firstly, a picture of Robert Woods and me:

And here’s one with George Hilton:

(alk0) #2

With Rafael Romero Marchent:

With Monica Randall:

(Phil H) #3

Unfortunately, I can’t see these pics alk0


Cannot see them aswell.

(alk0) #5

Oh crap, it worked yesterday. I will try to fix them.

(Bill san Antonio) #6

Using firefox i can’t see anything, with chrome I can see the frames only but by right-clicking them I can open them in a new tab where they can be seen.

(alk0) #7

I’ve changed the way I linked to the photos. Now it works for me in firefox, opera and ie. I hope it does for all of you as well. If not, let me know.

(Asa) #8

Working fine now alk0. Great stuff. MORE! :slight_smile:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #9

Great stuff, wish I could have been there for a hat trick of visits to Almeria.

(Phil H) #10

That pick with George Hilton would be perfect if only there was a bottle of J&B on the shelf behind you. 8)

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #11

Terrific photos. Man, I wish I could go one day.

(alk0) #12

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been kinda busy these days. Anyway, some more photos:

Discussion in Fort Bravo/Texas Hollywood saloon. From the left: Lucio Rosato, Nicola Di Gioia, Simone Blondell, Robert Woods, Monica Randall, George Hilton, Marco Giusti.

Discussion in Mini Hollywood saloon. From the left: one of the organizers, George Hilton, Monica Randall, Rafael Romero Marchent, Marco Giusti, Luco Rosato.