Alessandro Alessandroni Appreciation Thread

The man with the godliest and most haunting whistle EVER!

Which one is your favourite whistling theme of his?

Alessandroni composed the soundtracks for a bunch of spagies as well. Which one is your favourite?

Any recommendations?

I’d really like to see a list of all the spagies in which his whistling was used. My personal favourite was the one in They call him Cemetery, every time i listen to it it sends shivers up and down my spine. Godly!

Nice to see some appreciation for this multi-talented, all-round musician.

I doubt whether a full list of his whistling contributions exists anywhere - it’s probably just too extensive. I don’t think even his website - - is comprehensive.

My favourite of his whistling themes is probably Adios, Sabata; it’s stayed with me ever since I first saw the film as a nipper.

As for his solo compositions, the only one I have at home that’s relevant to Westerns is El Puro - that’s well worth getting.

He also made telling contributions to gialli and horror films - The Devil’s Nightmare is especially memorable, and there’s a compilation of creepy pieces he wrote with Nora Orlandi called Music for Strange Situations that’s patchy but frequently excellent.

I had the opportunity to interview him about 10 years ago prior to one of his performances in London, and he was a real gent.

Although heavily influenced by Morricone, I liked it a lot.

Indio Black has indeed a wonderful whistling theme, I consider the whole score as one of Nicolai’s most shining moments.

I made some google research and you’re probably right, a full list with his whistling themes hasn’t been made yet. What’s approx. the number of spagies in which his whistling was used?

I wouldn’t even hazard a guess. Perhaps if we compiled a list of all the westerns he worked on - as musician, composer or choir-master - and worked out which ones had a whistling theme… But really, who has time for that?

If you’re going to steal, steal from the best, as they say.

I consider myself somewhat of a Morricone collector-make that OBSESSED-but I also REALLY want to track down some of Alessandroni’s own score work! Any suggestions? I remember hearing cues from one his score (I believe it was from a giallo of some sort) and I was REALLY into it!

I don’t know if this has been on the forum already in some other topic, but if anyone wants to listen Alessandroni whistle in contemporary music, check this out: Daniele Luppi, Italian story.