Al este del oeste (Mariano Ozores Jr., 1984)

-Interesting comedy western from 80’s. There’s a certain feeling of a “class reunion” in it seeing many familiar sw faces together again 10 years after the sw boom finally died out. There’s Fernando Sancho, Victor Israel, Luis Barboo, Jose Manuel Martin and Tito Garcia. Plot is very basic, two sissies arrive to a town tormented by two rival bandit gangs and they’re mistakenly believed to be gunfighters who the mayor had called for help. Film is light comedy but a bit funnier and more entertaining than the most comedy westerns from 70’s. There’s a fair amount of nudity and scantily clad saloon girls, Adriana Vega has a nude scene early in the film and later on she keeps showing her lovely breast continuously.

My rating: 5/10

Next western I plan to watch :slight_smile: .