Advice Regarding CD Seller


Has anybody got any advice for me as to how reliable/efficient ‘Chris’ Soundtrack Corner’ is?

Has anyone dealt with the Company in the past…?

There is a particular soundtrack CD that I want to buy from Amazon UK, (I’ve been after it for goodness knows how long!), and the best price on Amazon UK is through this Company (Chris’ Soundtrack Corner).

The soundtrack is available on ‘’ (USA), for about £7 less; but, because of import charges to the UK, I’m concerned about being stung with an exhorbitant charge.

Is Chris’ Soundtrack Corner any good?

Any advice would be welcome.

I have dealt with Chris’ Soundtrack Corner and have had no problem. They even issue their own line of soundtracks. This is the official home page:

But what soundtrack are you after? If it is an italian one try checking out and also. They carry bundles of stuff.

Never dealt with him but his eBay (UK) page has over 2500 positive feedback ratings in the last 12 months and only 1 negative, and I even think that “negative” one was a mistake.

Hi, AvatarDK.

The soundtrack I’m after is ‘The Great Escape’ (Intrada, 3 disc version).

Cheers for the advice. I’ve checked out the links you sent; and - looking at the prices - I’m probably just as well off going with the one on ‘Amazon UK’, as the price (Euro conversion into Pound etc.), would work out about the same.
I’m a regular customer with ‘Amazon UK’, so it may be the easier option.

Your advice is very much appreciated!


Hi, Last Caress!

Just like with ‘AvatarDK’, many thanks for your reply …very much appreciated.

Wow! With 2500 positive feedbacks, I don’t think I can go wrong! I think I’ll spend a little bit more time investigating Chris’ Soundtrack Corner’…it sounds very interesting…

Cheers for the link.


No problem. Ah yes american soundtracks you probably won’t find cheap at European sellers.

I would order directly from though. Seems like you save a couple of pounds. Your choice of course. I order bundles of stuff from various marketplace sellers myself.

Cheers, AvatarDK.

Whatever decision I make, it will have to be soon.

I first saw this CD advertised on ‘Amazon UK’ three years ago, and wish I’d bought it then…I don’t want to lose out now. Since I was a kid, I’ve had a great love for ‘The Great Escape’. I even did an article on the film, and the real-life story behind it, a few years ago, for a local magazine. I also used to know and speak (on the phone) to the late, great Scottish actor, Angus Lennie, who memorably played ‘Ives - the Mole’, in the film.

Thanks, amigos…all the advice has been extremely helpful.


Used the seller many times and no problems.

Hi, Ennio!
Cheers, Amigo, for the advice…good of you to respond…
In the end I decided to opt for ‘Chris’s Soundtrack Corner’, through ‘Amazon UK’…I can’t wait to receive the three-disc CD of ‘The Great Escape’!!!
Have a great day,