Advice on preserving 'Spaghetti Western' location artifacts

I’ve just returned from location hunting in Almeria, where I visited most of the Sergio Leone sites. After some digging around, I managed to find a small section of the wooden coach structure, as seen in ‘Fistful of Dynamite’ (‘Duck You Sucker’), and I am seeking advice from other members on how best to preserve it…
Someone has already suggested that I paint it with a thin layer of wood preserver, to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. However, I’m wondering if painting it with preserver would, somehow, ‘take something away’ from it’s historical and filmatic significance, as one of the props used in a classic Leone movie. Should I add anything to it, or leave it in the state I found it?
I was wondering if any other members - who have picked up pieces of wood etc. from film sets - have thought along similar lines - how best to preserve the artifact.
Any thoughts or advice would be most welcome…

What is the condition of the wood out of curiosity for its age ?

I think you were supposed to leave it where it was. To sw fans, that site is a like a religious experience. Taking items from there might bring on a curse like that of King Tut’s tomb or that Tiki god thingy from The Brady Bunch’s trip to Hawaii. :wink:

Good point.