Advice and help needed

Hi all. Wondered if anyone can help me:
I am on twitter and want to post better content about spaghetti westerns etc
I come across these film accounts with large numbers of followers all the time who post video clips from films and I want to do the same thing but I don’t know how.

What software do I need to download and use to record clips from dvds and then edit and crop them to upload to twitter???

Try vlc player, install and then click on advanced options (or something like that). Red button should show up with which you can make recording.

Thanks for the suggestion. Will give it a go.

It seems this might have already been answered, but I cannot overstate how excellent VLC media player is. Best free software I’ve used, it can be used to get rid of interlacing, to fix audio quality shortcomings, and even boost picture quality a bit.

What I primarily need software for is for posting on social media i.e. twitter;
to post film clips
to post screen captures

Will have to try VLC soon.

To add to above, you can use the VLC software to capture clips from a dvd or YouTube or from a .avi type file.