Adios companeros blu ray

Went looking for specs on an upcoming blu ray release and came across this blu ray in question.
On two sellers sites and media they had listed movie as having German and Italian audio,German and English subs.
Has anyone purchased it and know for sure if these correct specs.
Yet both shops have die 4tenflischen der hombre-bande as standard edition only just German and Italian.
Starting to make me wonder if there’s English audio or subs on Fasthands and Lola colt ?if there was I would buy all 3.
Hope someone has bought and knows for sure?
Thank you

this one?

@Pumaman added these details, I assume because he actually bought it. I can’t guaranteet it but I would say the info in the SWDb is fairly accurate in this regard.

Hi, none of these three have English audio or subs, unfortunately, neither official nor hidden. Too bad…

Thanks for the reply,just can’t understand how two shops would have wrong info regarding this issue?
I’m just hoping someone somewhere has bought it and can share details.

but pumaman just confirmed it. the details in the swdb are correct. and the shops well, they get all this info in bulk from some distributor’s excel sheet… shops are the most untrustworthy source for these kinds of things

Hi, my apologies too pumaman did not read his reply before sending mine.thanks to you both for clearing that up wish you had both been wrong.

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I confirm that both ADIOS COMPANEROS blu rays “only” have German and Italian Audio but at least full German subtitels translated from Italian Audio. For those who like to avoid German audio.
Same goes for the upcoming ICH WILL DEINEN KOPF, FREMDER Blu Ray (I have here an advance copy).
Not including English Audio or Subs is due to legal issues. Before the movie(s) there is an advice that license is only valid for Germany, Austria and German speaking Switzerland. So if there is someone to blame then license owner not the label.

Edit: LOLA COLT German and Italian Audio, no subtitels
FASTHAND German and Italian Audio, full German subtitels translated from Italian Audio
Same license owner…same legal issues.

On all releases picture quality is GREAT.