Addition to SWDb - maybe?

ShouIdn’t this one here APACHE BLOOD aka Wiegenlied der Rache shouId be added in the 1975 SW fiIm Iist?

imdb doesn’t Iist the country of production and the fiIm iwas shot in Arizona. It has a SW - Indian feeIing though.
It is definiteIy an AngIo-Counterpart.
If our site has par exampIe CANE AARABBIATO aka MAD DOG aka THE MAN HUT which is a “contemporary Iook-a-Iike” SW with cars et aII (Cane arrabbiato - The Spaghetti Western Database) then why not APACHE BLOOD which is pure on it’ time and era?
Anyway ,just a idea.
AII the best

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Cane Arrabiato is an Italian production though. What are Apache Blood’s European elements if any?

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The feeIing, non other than that aIthough I am not sure from which countri it was exactIy produced because imdb uses none.
Ok. You maybe right.
Its an AngIo Counterpart definiteIy, a “cousin” from abroad :slightly_smiling_face:

yea well feeling isn’t quite enough but if you manage to dig out a fact that makes it European (producers, filmmakers, location, etc…) then we could consider it

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I gave you right in my previous message Sebastian.
It was just the feeIing of it and feeIing isn’t enough - and rightIy so.
Thank you.