Actors of the Spaghetti Westerns (James Prickette)

Anybody who have this one and if yes is it any good?

I just looked through some of the pages on amazon and it looks alright.

Shame about the cover though.

What surprises me is that it’s 544 pages long but only 22 male actors are covered plus a chapter on female actors.
With that many pages I had expected more of an encyclopedia covering most if not all of the actors of the genre.

There’s few actors I wouldn’t call sw actors. Mickey Knox? He had uncredited part in Beyond the Law and no more I think.

And that cover… atrocious!

This book is a laughable piece of junk. Does the author even know what a Spaghetti Western is? I doubt it. Some of the actors listed have never even been in a spaghetti western. And most of the important guys are omitted. Apparently the author thinks that Mickey Knox and Rory Calhoun are “Actors of the Spaghetti Western” while the linkes of Garko, Steffen, Volonte, Hill etc… are no where to be found. I’m having difficulty deciding who’s the worst SW book author, Thomas Weisser, Jasper P. Morgan who wrote the laughable travesty Django-Sartana-Ringo book or this “author”, I and use that term “author” very loosely.

A rotten useless piece of shit. And the author is a piece of shit too. James Prickette…a venerable prick indeed.

Ha, ha that made me laugh.

These shitty authors (Weisser, Morgan, Prickette) do such a disservice to the very genre that they purport to champion, its disgusting and makes me sick.