Action Scenes

Action is the main point of a lot of Spaghetti Westerns. There are soewhat different types of action in these films. Tere is the Aurtaudian style o Massacre Time as one example of a standout action sequence. And the first person view you see in a lot of Carnimeo westerns. Then there is Enzo G. Castelari. What do you like the best. When is a good time to insert action? When is a bad time?

Sometimes action is only a time filler. This gets obvious when it comes to fighing scenes. In most of the cases they have no influence in the plot or serve any dramatic role. I’m quite bored of most of those scene, so I tend to press the ff-button. In doing so I often realize how long these scenes are.
Non-fighting action scenes I like often appear in the Fidanis, because there they are sometimes completely overdone. For example I like the jumping-and-shooting scenes. Jeff Cameron is a specialist for that kind of action.

I think it’s rather surprising how often these bar-room brawls occur in SWs, since this type of action is not SW-like in any way, and nothing Leone used to have in his films

But I think the fight in the saloon in Django is well-made, violent, and serves a purpose, you know the one where Django’s opponent gets an axe in the back

That one’s good indeed. And it’s not so extensive.

When I was watching Death Sentence, didn’t know this was going to be an action western. I was expecting something slower but was pleased by the pace. Great action scenes. Combining cat and mouse with Massacre Time

The slow paced tension building standoffs can be more enjoyable for me at times. You can get action in a lot of other genres but for me the building of tension of along with a good soundtrack & general atmosphere is what makes sw’s unique.